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1cm Stoneware Sahara Tile - 23m2
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1cm Stoneware Sahara Tile - 23m2

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Unlike natural stone products, our porcelain Stoneware Sahara tiles do not need to be sealed to prevent water damage or staining.

These light-coloured tiles have a gorgeous creamy colour as well as a very appealing texture, making them a perfect choice for brightening up any interior living space. With the added benefit of practically zero maintenance, you will be able to fully enjoy your indoor space with these beautiful Sahara tiles.

Measuring at 45cm x 90cm each, these Stoneware Sahara tiles are able to be used within almost any interior design. Due to their thickness however, a traditional installation method using a suitable adhesive will be required.

All of PrimaPorcelain’s products are given a Grip Factor rating of between 1 (very low slip resistance) and 5 (very high slip resistance). The Stoneware Sahara tile range has been assigned a rating of 2, meaning it should only be used within indoor spaces.

A V2 Shade Variation rating means that despite some small variations in colour between each individual Sahara tile, the overall appearance of the finished floor will be fairly consistent in both shade and colour.

Our 11mm Stoneware Sahara porcelain tiles have 28 different ‘faces’. This should mean that relatively few tiles within your new floor will be exact duplicates of one another. This wide range of faces creates a realistic, subtly varied effect without spoiling the nice, consistent look of your porcelain tile floor.

JOB LOT: Order 23 square meters of our Stoneware Sahara porcelain tiles at a great clearance price. This job lot includes 19 packs of low-maintenance tiles.

  • Tile thickness: 1cm
  • Tile size: 45cm x 90cm
  • Quantity: 19 packs
  • Coverage: 23 square metres
  • Batch code: 55Q

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