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1cm Tirolo Cream Tile - 43m2
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1cm Tirolo Cream Tile - 43m2

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Our 10mm Tirolo Cream tiles provide a warm and versatile touch that can be used within any interior space. With a unique textured finish, they offer a perfect balance between wood-effect and classic cream tiles, creating a truly individual product.

These porcelain tiles are extremely durable and easy to keep looking as beautiful as the day they are installed. With a high resistance to stains, abrasions and fading, you will not be left disappointed when choosing our Tirolo Cream tiles.

Each one of our 10mm Tirolo Cream tiles are measured at 60cm x 60cm, making them extremely flexible to be utilised within any interior design. Due to their 10mm thickness, these porcelain tiles require a traditional installation using a suitable adhesive.

With a Grip Factor rating of 2, our Tirolo Cream tiles are only suitable to be used indoors. Each one of our products are given a rating between 1 (very low slip resistance) and 5 (very high slip resistance).

A V2 Shade Variation rating means that subtle differences in colour exists between each individual Tirolo Cream tile. The finished floor however, will remain fairly consistent in overall colour and shade.

This product has been created with a smooth finish, providing both the comfort and touch that is suited for the use within interior spaces.

The 10mm Tirolo Cream porcelain tiles have 17 different ‘faces’. This means that your finished floor will comprise up to 17 subtly different tile designs, creating a realistic level of variation while maintaining a consistent overall look.

JOB LOT: Order 43 square meters of our Tirolo Cream porcelain tiles at a great clearance price. This job lot includes 30 packs of low-maintenance tiles.

  • Tile thickness: 1cm
  • Tile size: 60cm x 60cm
  • Quantity: 30 packs
  • Coverage: 43 square metres
  • Batch code: 335R

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