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Eco-Friendly Composite Decking

Here at AlfrescoPlus we supply a range of composite decking that's made in a sustainable way. This is important to us because we want you to be able to enjoy your renovated garden guilt-free!
eco friendly decking manufacturing


Did you know that all of our composite decking is made using sustainable methods. Our suppliers work hard to exceed all local and International environmental regulations to ensure their production processes do not harm the environment.

Water is required for the main extrusion process so water recycling systems have been introduced to cool our composite deck boards as they move through the production line. Reusing the water, rather than discarding it, saves hundreds of thousands of litres every day.

Wherever possible, we utilise renewable energy sources such as solar panels to further improve the eco-friendliness of our composite decking manufacturing process. We aim to continually improve this over the coming years to reduce our carbon footprint even further!


Each and every one of our eco-friendly deck boards is manufactured using reclaimed wood fibre and recycled plastics. We have very strict raw material quality control procedures to guarantee no contaminated recycled material enters our production system.

Unlike traditional timber decking, to create composite decking practically no trees need to be cut down. All the timber used in our wood composite decking is production waste - typically from the furniture and flooring industries. Furthermore, many of our suppliers support the forestry industry by sourcing reclaimed FSC timber fibres for use in our decking production.

The polymer resin that we use to bind and cap our composite decking is made using post-industrial and post-consumer plastics. These recycled materials are melted down and added to the composite decking mixture to bind the wood flour together. It can also be used to form the cap that gives our decking its high water-resistance and low-maintenance properties.


Unlike timber decking, our eco-friendly composite decking never needs sealing- thereby removing the need to annually treat your deck with chemicals that are harmful to the environment. All that is required to clean our eco-friendly decking is an annual jet wash or a quick wipe over (capped composite decking) to keep it looking clean and vibrant for years to come.

The final element of our eco-friendly composite decking that’s sure to spark your interest is its incredibly long lifespan. Touch wood, you shouldn’t need to replace or dispose of damaged deck boards after only a few years as can often be the case with wood or plastic decking. By choosing from AlfrescoPlus’ range of decking, you’re helping to save the environment whilst also saving money!