indoor outdoor flooring ideas

Most people's homes and gardens are two very separate spaces divided by two different types of flooring. One way to create more unity in your home and garden design is to install indoor/outdoor flooring.

While you may not be able to install decking or carpet throughout your home and garden (for obvious reasons), you can install porcelain tiles. In fact, we have 10mm indoor and 20mm outdoor tiles available in a variety of different designs so that you can create the seamless transition between your home and garden that you've always dreamed of. 


Choosing the right decking boards for your garden can be challenging. The market is saturated with a wide range of different styles, colours and sizes of deck boards, so where should you start? Well, one of the first things you should do when you're planning to add a deck to your garden is to measure the size of the deck.

Once you know how big the space for the new deck is, you can explore different decking sizes to work out which range is the most appropriate for you. Find out how big our decking boards are below.

DeckPlus WeatherDek Boards

weatherdek grey

Our WeatherDek boards are very popular, especially for homeowners who want to add composite decking to their gardens on a budget. These hollow boards contain less material than our solid composite deck boards, meaning they're lightweight, easy to work with and available at a lower price point. 

WeatherDek Dimensions:

  • Length: 3.6m
  • Width: 142mm
  • Thickness: 22mm

WeatherDek Options:


how thick should outdoor tiles be

Choosing the right tiles for your outdoor space is not always easy. There are so many different sizes, thicknesses, colours and materials on the market that it can be tricky to know where to start! The thickness of your outdoor tiles is very important. Too thin, and they may not be sturdy enough to handle the pressure of an outdoor environment, too thick and you'll have a hard time working with them (and probably spend more too). So how thick should outdoor tiles be?


how long does composite decking last

Re-designing your garden is not a job that you'll want to do regularly, so it's important that you get it right, first time! You'll probably spend a lot of time looking for materials that look great and suit your budget, but have you considered how long they'll last?

Let's be honest, you don't want to find yourself in a situation when you used cheap, unreliable decking to build your dream garden, only to find that the whole thing needs replacing in a few years' time. Today we're going to look at the longevity of composite decking to show you why it's a great choice if you're looking for decking that'll last a lifetime!


porcelain decking

If you want a gorgeous wood floor without the upkeep of real wood, porcelain decking is a great alternative. This revolutionary flooring product combines the charm of real wood with the low-maintenance properties of porcelain paving, meaning you get the best of both worlds. Homeowners can be put off wood flooring and decking when they realise how expensive & time-consuming it is to upkeep. Wood flooring needs to be sanded, stained and sealed at least once a year to keep it in the best condition. In comparison, porcelain decking requires practically no maintenance at all!