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Porcelain paving is a superb choice for gardens, patios and other outdoor living spaces. Our 20mm thick porcelain paving slabs require virtually zero maintenance, and we have a huge variety of colours and styles to choose from. We also offer a selection of 8mm - 11mm porcelain tiles for indoor use.

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Porcelain Paving FAQs

We believe that porcelain paving is the best possible choice for outdoor spaces. Here's a little more information on why our hard-wearing porcelain products are such a good fit for British gardens...

Is porcelain paving good for patios?

Yes, porcelain paving is perfect for patios. Our vitrified porcelain paving slabs last for years with almost no maintenance at all, and they stand up very well to the elements. Your porcelain patio slabs won't fade in the sun, and their low porosity means that the tiles absorb very little moisture, so they won't be damaged by rain either.

Do you need to seal porcelain paving?

No - unlike natural stone pavers, which must be sealed periodically to prevent water damage, porcelain paving slabs last for years with no need for sealing. This is because porcelain is far less porous than the likes of sandstone and granite, meaning it absorbs far less moisture.

Is porcelain paving slippery?

Some porcelain tiles can become slippery when wet, but it depends on the product. All of our porcelain products have a 'grip factor' rating from 1 to 5 - a higher rating means greater slip resistance. If you're planning to install your porcelain paving slabs outdoors, you should look for a grip factor rating of 4 or higher.

Why buy porcelain paving from AlfrescoPlus?

Our porcelain paving slabs are...

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Gorgeous, with a wide range of attractive designs to choose from
  • Perfect for British weather!

If there's anything you'd like to ask us about our porcelain paving slabs, please don't hesitate to contact the AlfrescoPlus team before you buy!