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Unlike most porcelain paving suppliers, here at AlfrescoPlus, we offer a range of porcelain paving thicknesses to suit different living spaces. Our 10mm porcelain pavers are ideal for interior spaces, whereas our thicker 20mm pavers are perfect for exterior spaces due to their robustness. The majority of our porcelain pavers are available in both thicknesses too!

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Choosing the right porcelain paving thickness

Whether you’re looking to give your indoor or outdoor space a new look and feel, our porcelain paving thicknesses can help! Our 10mm offers a quality, smooth finish and our 20mm offer the long-lasting strength needed to handle all of the elements.

Why not install the same style of paver in both thicknesses to create a stunning seamless transaction? With our revolutionary paving pedestals, you are able to dry-install our slabs into your exterior space and raise your floor to match your interior space.

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