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Whether you’re planning to create a modern-looking kitchen or a classic-styled garden area, we are confident you’ll find the flooring option you need in our collection of coloured porcelain pavers.Our porcelain paving colours range from light to dark, perfect for any feel you want to bring to your indoor or outdoor space.

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More information on our coloured porcelain pavers

Did you know that each of our coloured porcelain pavers has been vitrified? Through the process of vitrification, a glass substrate is produced throughout the body of each tile, offering a stronger and more robust flooring option.

Coloured dyes are blended in with other materials such as clay, quartz and feldspar before being placed in the kiln. This produces a consistent colour throughout the body of the slab, meaning chips and abrasions are far less noticeable.

For more information on our porcelain paving colours, be sure to get in touch with a member of the AlfrescoPlus team today.

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