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£20 - £30 Tiles

Revamping your property can be a costly endeavour with an ever-increasing list of expenses. Protect your finances during your home renovation with these economically appealing options, tailor-made to help you keep costs down. With a number of cost-cutting options in our £20 tiles to £30 tiles range, you can deck out your property in style without blowing the bulk of your budget.

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More on our £20 tiles

Each of our £20 tiles come with a fantastic 10-year warranty, longer than any other tile option on the market - perfect! Every one of our £20 tiles has also been rectified to guaranteed absolute 90-degree angles on all corners as well as being put through a process of vitrification to ensure their long-lasting and robust nature. 

For more information on our range of £20 tiles, be sure to contact a member of the AlfrescoPlus team today. We'd be happy to help!